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Montreal Island

Journal De Montreal - Crise Du Logement

«Sur mon bail, c’est écrit que je paie en cash, ici, dans l’immeuble. Ça fait trois mois que j’essaie de payer, mais eux veulent que je paie avec des chèques postdatés ou que je fasse une heure de trajet pour aller donner l’argent comptant à leur bureau», explique William Riley, qui vit depuis plus d’un an au 2215 boulevard Rosemont, à Montréal.

M. Riley est poursuivi au Tribunal administratif du logement (TAL) par son nouveau locateur, la société 2215 Rosemont inc., appartenant à Mark Kilajian. Ce dernier demande la résiliation du bail à cause d’un retard de paiement de son loyer de plus de trois semaines. Dans l’immeuble de 67 logements, une vingtaine d’autres locataires ont reçu le même avis.

CTV - Why Is Montreal Taxing Homeless Shelters

Welcome Hall Mission CEO Sam Watts on a new report revealing Montreal is taxing emergency shelters.

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Global - Ricochet West Island Homeless Centre Looking For New Location

The shelter in Pierrefonds-Roxboro is being forced to move by the end of March.

The regional health authority is reclaiming the building Ricochet has been using as it needs the space.

“We have always known we were going to have to move, the space was loaned to us for free by the CIUSSS,” executive director Tania Charron said.

Montreal Gazette - Half Of Quebecs 10,000 Unhoused People Are In Montreal

QUEBEC — With Premier François Legault and his government describing conditions as a perfect storm, Quebec’s minister responsible for social services announced Thursday that the province will devote an additional $15.5 million for shelters to help unhoused people on the street make it through the winter.

CBC - A Montreal Program Is Saving People From Homelessness With The Help Of A Cash Boost

"We've got people who walk alongside them for a couple of months, and then they're on their own," he told The Current's Matt Galloway.

The program was born mid-2021, after intervention workers noticed many people falling into homelessness since the beginning of the pandemic didn't fit the usual profile.

"[They're] somebody who's just struggling and a few dollars away from homelessness, unable to pay their rent, or they're part of maybe a classic rental eviction," he said.


Domestic Violence resource locator.

Maison Du Pere

Various services for the homeless.

Montreal Gazette - Homelessness In The West Island

“It took a pandemic to get this place to open,” said general director Tania Charron. “Because no one believed there was homelessness in the West Island. No-bo-dy.”

Welcome Hall Mission

Welcome Hall Mission’s range of programs and services are transforming the lives of Montrealers in need every single day. Thanks to the generosity of donors, our beneficiaries have access to free groceries, emergency shelter, community resources, recovery and so much more!

Native Womens Shelter Of Montreal

Provides a safe environment where women can begin to rebuild their lives. We offer support and frontline services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis (Indigenous) women and children to promote their empowerment and independence. The NWSM is the only women’s shelter in Montreal that provides services exclusively to Indigenous women and their children. Women are offered an up to three month stay in one of 13 private rooms, many of which are capable of accommodating more than one person so that women may stay with their children.

There is a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol at the shelter.

Dans La Rue

Like every young person, homeless and at risk youth have a full spectrum of needs. At Dans la rue, they can find a multifaceted approach that addresses all aspects of their lives to help them get off the street and permanently transition away from high risk situations.

CTV - Montreal Homelessness Skyrocketed In Quebec

The number of people experiencing homelessness in Quebec has increased by a whopping 44 per cent since 2018, a new report has found.

In terms of sheer numbers, Montreal is by far the most affected, accounting for the majority of homeless people in Quebec.

Montreal Childrens Hospital - Shelters And Housing

Useful links to resources in the montreal area.

Mission Old Brewery

Montreal's largest homelessness organization.


We are a community organization dedicated to helping people with mental health problems achieve their fullest potential while meeting the challenges of everyday living within their community.

Ricochet West Island

Young people who experience residential instability in WI use strategies such as couchsurfing, crowding and exchange of services making homelessness invisible to society. We call this phenomenon ‘hidden homelessness’

Montreal - Eviction

City Of Montreal Web site.

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