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Itinerance Au Quebec - 2ieme Portrait

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Montreal Gazette - Half Of Quebecs 10,000 Unhoused People Are In Montreal

QUEBEC — With Premier François Legault and his government describing conditions as a perfect storm, Quebec’s minister responsible for social services announced Thursday that the province will devote an additional $15.5 million for shelters to help unhoused people on the street make it through the winter.

TVA - Crise Du Logement

Lorsque le bureau de l’élu de QS a appris ce qui se passait au 2215, boulevard Rosemont, des membres de l’équipe de Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois sont allés à la rencontre des locataires.

«On a des gens qui nous ont dit qu’ils voulaient payer leur loyer, qu’ils ont essayé de toutes les manières pour essayer de le faire en allant même chercher des adresses sur le registraire des entreprises. Et ces gens-là se retrouvent quand même devant le TAL», poursuit M. Nadeau-Dubois.

CTV - Quebec Spending 6 Million On 2 Hockey Games

The Quebec government is awarding a subsidy of between $5 million and $7 million for two Los Angeles Kings exhibition games in Quebec City, to be held at the Centre Vidéotron in October 2024.

Finance Minister Eric Girard made the announcement on Tuesday morning. He was asked several times about the amount of government assistance.

Global - Homelessness Increased By 44 Percent In Quebec Since 2018

The number of people living in emergency shelters or on the streets surged in all regions of Quebec over the last four years but rose most sharply outside Montreal, a new report says.

Commissioned by the province’s Health Department, the report found that “visible” homelessness in Quebec increased by about 44 per cent between April 2018 and October 2022, and by 33 per cent in Montreal.

CBC - Quebec To Spend 870 Million On New Roof For Olympic Stadium

Instead of wasting a billion dollars on a useless roof, why not just leave it without a roof?

After all, the "Big Owe" spent the first 11 years with it's roof in the basement.

-- Barbra Hudson

CTV - Quebec Refuses To Amend Law Evicting Seniors

During Tuesday's study of Bill 31 on housing, QS MNA Andrés Fontecilla and PQ MNA Joël Arseneau tabled several amendments to extend the protection offered by the "Françoise David Act."

Among other things, they proposed lowering the age limit from 70 to 65 and reducing the length of employment required to benefit from this protection from ten to five years.

CTV - Quebecs Housing Crisis Is Worsening

Housing in Quebec is becoming increasingly expensive and increasingly difficult to find.

Data from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) shows the housing crisis is worsening, both in terms of rental costs and availability.

CTV - Quebec Solidaire Says Will Devote Energy To Housing

The two also vigorously denounced Quebec's affordable housing program, the PHAQ, which replaced the Accès-Logis program. In two years, the PHAQ has only led to the construction of 46 housing units, none ready to receive occupants.

"Two years later, their program has resulted in zero housing units being built. The proof is in the pudding. The CAQ program doesn't work. It's a total failure and we're in the middle of a housing crisis. It's unacceptable. It's an embarrassing record," Nadeau-Dubois said.


AMI-Quebec Action on Mental Illness is a non-profit organization that helps families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance, and advocacy.

CTV - Montreal Homelessness Skyrocketed In Quebec

The number of people experiencing homelessness in Quebec has increased by a whopping 44 per cent since 2018, a new report has found.

In terms of sheer numbers, Montreal is by far the most affected, accounting for the majority of homeless people in Quebec.


Federation des Maisons d'Hebergement Pour Femmes

Find a woman's shelter anywhere in Quebec.

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