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CTV - Quebec Refuses To Amend Law Evicting Seniors

During Tuesday's study of Bill 31 on housing, QS MNA Andrés Fontecilla and PQ MNA Joël Arseneau tabled several amendments to extend the protection offered by the "Françoise David Act."

Among other things, they proposed lowering the age limit from 70 to 65 and reducing the length of employment required to benefit from this protection from ten to five years.

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AMI-Quebec Action on Mental Illness is a non-profit organization that helps families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance, and advocacy.

Welcome Hall Mission

Welcome Hall Mission’s range of programs and services are transforming the lives of Montrealers in need every single day. Thanks to the generosity of donors, our beneficiaries have access to free groceries, emergency shelter, community resources, recovery and so much more!

Native Womens Shelter Of Montreal

Provides a safe environment where women can begin to rebuild their lives. We offer support and frontline services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis (Indigenous) women and children to promote their empowerment and independence. The NWSM is the only women’s shelter in Montreal that provides services exclusively to Indigenous women and their children. Women are offered an up to three month stay in one of 13 private rooms, many of which are capable of accommodating more than one person so that women may stay with their children.

There is a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol at the shelter.

Eviction Innovation - Eviction Diversion Program In Durham NC

Eviction Diversion Program in Durham, NC

This program provides individuals facing eviction with free advice and support, ranging from emergency financial aid to legal council, with the goal of helping citizens avoid eviction judgements and decreasing the number of eviction filings and verdicts in Durham County.

Eviction Diversion Program And Emergency Housing Protection Act Defenses

As of January 2022, landlords are required by the newly amended Eviction Diversion Bill to apply for and participate in good faith the City of Philadelphia’s Eviction Diversion Program before filing for eviction.

Ricochet West Island

Young people who experience residential instability in WI use strategies such as couchsurfing, crowding and exchange of services making homelessness invisible to society. We call this phenomenon ‘hidden homelessness’

Kalamazoo Eviction Prevention And Rental Assistance

Providing low and moderate income families and individuals with eviction prevention assistance.

Kentwood Eviction Diversion Program

The 62B District Court has an eviction diversion program. Representatives from the Salvation Army, representatives from the Department of Human Services (DHS), representatives from Community Legal Services and Cooley Law School appear in court once a month when we schedule eviction cases from several landlords in the city of Kentwood.

If a tenant asks for financial assistance to pay the rent or legal assistance, the tenant can obtain that assistance immediately in the courthouse.

Isabella County Eviction Diversion Program For Reducing Evictions

BOTH the Tenant AND the Owner/Landlord must agree to participate or neither one is eligible

Greater Richmond Bar Assn - Eviction Diversion

Richmond, Virginia has the second-highest eviction rate in the United States, at 11.44%.

Due to a legacy of redlining and other discriminatory housing practices, eviction in Richmond disproportionately impacts people and neighborhoods of color.

This crisis has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with Richmond experiencing a 50% increase in homelessness since the beginning of 2020.

Rock Island County Eviction Diversion

The Rock Island County Eviction Diversion Program (EDP) provides tenants and landlords with the opportunity to resolve eviction cases without the need for a trial before the Judge.

All eviction cases at this time have access to mediation services provided by volunteer court-certified mediators and an eligibility assessment for emergency services and financial assistance with Project NOW and the Salvation Army.

Alaska Law Help - Eviction Diversion

Alaska Eviction Diversion Program

The Alaska Court System's Eviction Diversion Program offers free mediation to landlords and tenants. Mediation helps the two sides work out their dispute without going to court.

The program is available before or after the landlord starts an eviction case in court. Both sides must agree to participate.

Michigan - Eviction Diversion Program

Links to Michigan's Eviction Diversion Program

Philadelphia - EDP Targeted Financial Assistance Instructions

Instructions for Philadelphians on how to apply for rental diversion and financial assistance programs.

Las Vegas Novel Eviction Diversion Program

The Solution – Eviction Diversion

On October 12, 2022, former Governor Steve Sisolak, former Chief Justice James Hardesty, and the Las Vegas Justice Court, among other community partners and stakeholders, announced the award of a $1.25 million grant from the National Center for State Courts to create an eviction diversion program in the Las Vegas Justice Court.

Legal Aid NC - Durham EDP

The Durham Eviction Diversion Program is a partnership of our Durham office, Duke Law’s Civil Justice Clinic and the Durham Department of Social Services.

The program uses tenant education, legal advocacy and rental assistance to prevent evictions and increase housing security for low-income renters in Durham County.

District Of Columbia Courts - Eviction Diversion Program

The DC Courts' Eviction Diversion Program (EDP) helps landlords and tenants who have a case filed in Landlord and Tenant Court. The EDP provides access to services that can help landlords and tenants resolve their cases as quickly and fairly as possible.

State Of Texas - Eviction Diversion Program

The TEDP uses a special court process that allows courts to put eviction lawsuits on hold and divert them to the TEDP. Under the TEDP, lump sum payments are provided to landlords for rental arrears in exchange for allowing tenants to remain in their homes and forgiving late fees.

Orange County - Rental Assistance Programs

The Orange County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) is an income-based program aimed at helping Orange County’s most vulnerable tenants by providing financial assistance to tenants who are past-due on their rent as a result of financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pinellas Eviction Diversion Program

Our Mission

PEDP combats homelessness caused by eviction through engaging in collobarative and innovative programming and services to benefit both tenants and landlords.

Our Vision

A community where unplanned, unforeseen financial hardship causes the least disruption to housing stability and neighborhood preservation.

Philly EDP Includes Targeted Financial Assistance

(2023-01-31) The City of Philadelphia’s FREE Eviction Diversion Program (EDP) helps landlords and tenants resolve disputes and avoid going to court. EDP facilitates satisfactory and sustainable landlord-tenant agreements through mediation or supported direct negotiation.

NJ - Eviction Legal Assistance Program

June 26 2023 The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) today announced a Comprehensive Court Eviction Defense and Diversion (CCED) program in all court vicinages in New Jersey. Under the program, low-income households at risk of eviction can access legal services and experienced caseworkers, known as resource navigators, for a wrap-around defense against housing displacement. On the announcement, Network President and Chief Executive Officer Staci Berger issued the following statement:

Richmond - Eviction Diversion Program

City of Richmond Eviction Diversion Program

Philly Tenant - What Is The Eviction Diversion Program

The Eviction Diversion Program can be good for tenants because attending eviction court is often stressful and may end with you being evicted AND getting a judgment on your record. Many landlords also want to participate in the program to avoid paying costly attorney and filing fees, attending hearings and evicting tenants. In addition, some tenants may be eligible for Targeted Financial Assistance (TFA).

Alaska Court System - Eviction Diversion Program

Landlords and tenants can mediate with each other. Mediation is a way to get help in working out your dispute. A neutral person, called the mediator, leads the mediation and helps landlords and tenants.

US Treasury - Eviction Diversion

Efforts by ERA grantees are sometimes complementary to broader eviction diversion programs. These efforts play an important function in cases where the landlord had already started eviction proceedings. In addition to expediting ERA applications, they often prevent evictions by utilizing the support of legal service professionals and mediators in interventions at the early stages of the court process. ERA grantees have also found court data helpful for informing targeted outreach efforts to landlords and/or high-need geographic areas.

Team Kentucky - Eviction Diversion Program

A COVID-Era program designed to keep people housed:

- Divert court evictions and keep Kentucky renters housed.
- Allow landlords to receive payments for back rent for tenants allowed to remain in their units.
- Provide renters that are ultimately evicted the ability to acquire alternative housing.
- Avoid the sizeable and long-term public costs of mass evictions and homelessness.

The Register Guard - Eugene Officials Approve First Phase

The city will create and fund a rental housing navigator position. The person in that role will help expand and manage data collection on rentals, enforce protections and provide other support services, which could include a tenant hotline, risk mitigation funding and eviction diversion.

Ingram County - Eviction Diversion Program

In operation since 2012, it handles 300-400 cases per year in the Mason, Michigan area.

The 55th District Court Eviction Diversion Program is a collaborative program between the court and social service organizations to settle landlord/tenant disputes without a court hearing. The goal of the program is to keep tenants in their domicile while getting landlords the money owed to them.

Texas Judicial Branch - Eviction Diversion Program

The TEDP is a voluntary program that permits eligible landlords and tenants to agree upon a resolution to the issues raised in an eviction case. If eligibility requirements are met, past due rent obligations and utility delinquencies may be eligible to be covered in full and the eviction case dismissed.

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