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Las Vegas Novel Eviction Diversion Program

The Solution – Eviction Diversion

On October 12, 2022, former Governor Steve Sisolak, former Chief Justice James Hardesty, and the Las Vegas Justice Court, among other community partners and stakeholders, announced the award of a $1.25 million grant from the National Center for State Courts to create an eviction diversion program in the Las Vegas Justice Court.


Greater Richmond Bar Assn - Eviction Diversion

Richmond, Virginia has the second-highest eviction rate in the United States, at 11.44%.

Due to a legacy of redlining and other discriminatory housing practices, eviction in Richmond disproportionately impacts people and neighborhoods of color.

This crisis has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with Richmond experiencing a 50% increase in homelessness since the beginning of 2020.


Rock Island County Eviction Diversion

The Rock Island County Eviction Diversion Program (EDP) provides tenants and landlords with the opportunity to resolve eviction cases without the need for a trial before the Judge.

All eviction cases at this time have access to mediation services provided by volunteer court-certified mediators and an eligibility assessment for emergency services and financial assistance with Project NOW and the Salvation Army.


Alaska Law Help - Eviction Diversion

Alaska Eviction Diversion Program

The Alaska Court System's Eviction Diversion Program offers free mediation to landlords and tenants. Mediation helps the two sides work out their dispute without going to court.

The program is available before or after the landlord starts an eviction case in court. Both sides must agree to participate.


Kalamazoo Eviction Prevention And Rental Assistance

Providing low and moderate income families and individuals with eviction prevention assistance.


Kentwood Eviction Diversion Program

The 62B District Court has an eviction diversion program. Representatives from the Salvation Army, representatives from the Department of Human Services (DHS), representatives from Community Legal Services and Cooley Law School appear in court once a month when we schedule eviction cases from several landlords in the city of Kentwood.

If a tenant asks for financial assistance to pay the rent or legal assistance, the tenant can obtain that assistance immediately in the courthouse.


White House Summit On Eviction Prevention Reform

FACT SHEET: White House Summit on Building Lasting Eviction Prevention Reform


Today, the White House and U.S. Department of Treasury are hosting a White House Summit on Building Lasting Eviction Prevention Reform. As funds for Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) are beginning to wind down, the Summit will focus on the need for an all-out effort to build lasting reform – including through the use of remaining American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds from ERA and State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF) assistance.



Expanding Shelter Diversion And Eviction Prevention Programs In Canada

How many organizations across Canada offer Shelter Diversion (SD) and Eviction Prevention (EP) programs and what's the key to their success?

That’s what our new project aims to discover, with your help! Tell us about your SD or EP program, so that together we can create tools to help other communities implement successful SD and EP programs to prevent and end homelessness.


Pueblo County Eviction And Diversion Program Makes Progress

Pueblo County eviction and diversion program makes progress to help people stay housed

In 2022, Colorado legal services created a new service called the Pueblo County Eviction Diversion Program. This program is focused on helping people who have fallen behind on their rent payments.


An Evaluation Of 2 Court-Based Eviction Diversion Programs In Pennsylvania

In the this report, we examined the impact of two eviction diversion programs in the state: Eviction Prevention Court in Chester County, and the eviction diversion program in the Berks County city of Reading.


Isabella County Eviction Diversion Program For Reducing Evictions

BOTH the Tenant AND the Owner/Landlord must agree to participate or neither one is eligible


Scripps News - Philadelphia Credits Eviction Diversion Program For Reducing Evictions

Philadelphia ... went from around 20,000 evictions in 2019 to 15,000 in the last 12 months.


Eviction Innovation - Eviction Diversion Program In Durham NC

Eviction Diversion Program in Durham, NC

This program provides individuals facing eviction with free advice and support, ranging from emergency financial aid to legal council, with the goal of helping citizens avoid eviction judgements and decreasing the number of eviction filings and verdicts in Durham County.


Eviction Diversion Program And Emergency Housing Protection Act Defenses

As of January 2022, landlords are required by the newly amended Eviction Diversion Bill to apply for and participate in good faith the City of Philadelphia’s Eviction Diversion Program before filing for eviction.



Canadas Homelessness Strategy

Reaching Home: Canada's Homelessness Strategy is a community-based program aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness across Canada. This program provides funding to urban, Indigenous, rural and remote communities to help them address their local homelessness needs.

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